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With the goal of becoming a strong and reliable partner of all stakeholders in the telecommunications sector in Vietnam and international, MobiFone had the boom and achieved some accomplishments. Currently, with over regularly 30 million subscribers, MobiFone is the second largest mobile network in Vietnam, accounting for over 35% of mobile communication market.


As a member of the Postal Corporation - Vietnam Telecommunications (VNPT), VinaPhone is the third largest mobile network in Vietnam, accounting for 20% of mobile communication market. VinaPhone's traditional slogan “never stop reaching far” has been delved into customers' mind. VinaPhone's statement “available everywhere” shows the commitment for developing and reaching far to help customers more successful in anywhere they go. VinaPhone shall not only a bridge of communication but also a bridge of emotion for millions of customers.    


With subscribers of above 60 million, global spanning capabilities, sales increased dramatically in the past 5 years, Viettel is the top mobile network in Vietnam with the market share of 55%.


Metfone is trademark of Viettel in Cambodia market. Entering the market since 2009, Metfone is not only the largest but also the only enterprise to provide full telecommunications services in Cambodia. Particularly for fixed wireless mobile services, Metfone is the only enterprise offering nationwide with nearly 20,000 Customers. The network distribution for products and services of Metfone spread to the most remote regions in Cambodia.

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